Friday, December 31, 2010


some random pics
eating lunch together at uvu...good ole roast up the canyon...cuddling
up snowbird (night of our first kiss)...pumpkin patch with carter...just went down the provo river
me trying to golf...tyler getting in to his golf groove...real golfing with carter, tyler, and i

the magic of hp

i can't even begin to tell you how much i love reading and listening to harry potter with tyler. it is my favorite time of day. favorite. we started reading together and after about 2 books, tyler started giving voices to the characters...move over jim dale. on the way to our honeymoon, we started listening to the cd. and we're addicted.

gingerbread houses

one of my favorite christmas traditions is to make gingerbread houses...or graham cracker houses. i love to sit with my family and chit chat while we get to eat candies and try to build a pretty house. ash's houses are always my favs. we all finish within half hour and ash is usually still cutting her graham's to the right size. she does wonders. this year has been so fun to make my house with tyler. he has some crazy good ideas. i'm not sure how in love he is with making them, but he is such a good sport to go along with what i want. have i mentioned that i love him?

we're getting married!

tyler said he wanted to get married in the fall. so did i. but time was running out. this weekend, the last possible days for us to still pull off a fall wedding, he told me he made plans with my family on friday, baptism/double date on saturday, and dinner plans on sunday. i was majorly bummed but thought maybe he's trying to throw me off. when i got home on friday, we really watched a movie outside with my family. dang. after the baptism we went to adventure land park behind lone peak high school. it has a nice pond and a bunch of small fire pits all around it. lovely place. his friend justin showed up, with a date. double dang. my heart sank, thinking, he was serious about this double date idea. tyler had all my favorite treats to snack on...peanut butter m&m's, cheese and crackers, and some cut up fruit...we roasted hot dogs and had a nice time. it was about sunset time and tyler wanted to go on a walk around the pond. justin was still eating and said they'd catch up. we took our time and justin never showed. when we got back to our place, all i saw were candles and flower petals and tyler on his knee. i was tricked, i thought. he said the sweetest things ever and asked me to marry him. i of course shouted yes. we sat on a blanket by the fire with some candles and snackies and talked about wedding plans. it was a blissful day.

our story

here's our little story done by my friend lilly. i love her. and i love this video. when we first got it, i watched it all the time and i showed everyone i talked to. i would ask tyler how many times that day he watched it and he was like, "still the one time i watched it with you." i can't get enough of him. i love him so much more today than i ever thought possible.